What is all this fuss about sacred space? Why create a container at all? If we already believe that we are sacred creations, isn’t this extraneous? If we are children of the Goddess / Creator, why should we need to bother with such things? Well, the short answer is, we don’t need to. However there is a reason that they can be an important part of your spiritual practice.

When we are calm and centered, and can truly be in a receptive mode. When we have set down outside distractions and we are truly present to this eternal moment, there is perhaps no real need to bother with such formalities as a circle. But, in our busy human lives this is not always easy to achieve.

The ritual of creating a circle is a way to prepare ourselves internally as well as the physical space. It is a way of calling ourselves and the world around us into stillness. We are creating a space outside of ordinary space, and a time that is beyond measured time. We clearly state to ourselves, and to all of the energies around us, that we are ready to move out of ordinary consciousness into ritual consciousness. Creating a circle helps to focus and quiet the mind as well as center your emotional body, stilling the waters in preparation for deep meditation, prayers, and focused energy work / magick.

The creation or casting of a circle is something that will serve to strengthen the focus and potency of our sacred work. So, while we may not ‘need’ a circle space to meditate, pray, conduct healing, or work magick, it is something that can help to make our work more effective and purposeful.

Posted by Tymn Urban on September 9, 2010



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