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South Bay, Ecstatic Dance Journey

In  San Jose
Monthly – First and Third Saturdays, 8 pm – 11 pm
Center for Creative Living
1460 Koll Cir # C, San Jose, CA 95112


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Dance Elemental is

A unique South Bay, Ecstatic Dance / conscious dance experience inspired by nature-centered spiritual traditions.  Learn and grow from each element and work with its unique, palpable energy.  Dance through the elements of Air, Fire, Water, Earth and back to your Center. Become the dance, become the music.  In this community dance ritual, we invite you embody your divine nature. We welcome all to the dance and invite you to open your heart. This is a container created for authentic self expression through dance, meditation in motion, deep play, spiritual centering and community connection.  Celebrate with your tribe and allow your inner light to be shine! Short, guided meditations are spoken between sections to help transition us from element to element as we journey together through the experience.  We are dedicated to providing this touchstone for individual wholeness, healing, growth, and community harmony.

The Basics:

This south bay, Ecstatic Dance is a facilitated dance ritual which is currently held at the Center for Creative Living in San Jose, California. This is a beautiful sacred space for free-form dancing to amazing music in a loving environment.

  • Move your body and soul to a handpicked mix of world music, tribal, funk, electronica, trance, ambient and much more.
  • Be moved by Live DJ with Live Drumming and Improvisational music too! Bring your heart-felt intention and dance it into being. You are welcome to bring a token to represent your intention if you so desire, and place it on the Community Altar as we journey together.
  • Areas set up for meditation, energy work, and community networking. Healthy snacks, tea and water are provided. All ages welcome! Young children should be supervised by parents/guardians.
  • Yoga Mats / Back Jacks / Chairs available. Feel free to bring your own yoga mats for stretching or lying down.
  • We invite Volunteer energy / body workers to attend the healing areas.  Please introduce yourselves.  Other volunteer opportunities are available as well.  Send us your volunteer inquiries in advance for trade possibilities.  Thank you for your service!
Guidelines and Tips:
It is our highest intention that this dance is a safe space and sanctuary for community and individual self expression.



  1. Please, no talking on the dance floor. This allows participants to go deeper into their Dance. (Quiet conversation is welcome in the tea room)
  2. Be yourself!  Dance how you feel.  Express who you are from the inside out.  There is no right or wrong way. Listen to your body.
  3. Respect yourself and those around you. Be mindful of others as you move about the dance floor. Pay attention to your boundaries and the boundaries of others. Communicate through eye contact and body language. Be compassionate and aware.
  4. Bring water.  Mainly recommended for those who get very thirsty while exercising, or have a cold.
  5. Wear clothes that make you feel good and are comfortable for dancing.  Be expressive and colorful if you like, or just show up in your sweats.  It’s all good!  Dancing barefoot or in socks is fine.  Shoes are ok, but heavy tread shoes or heels are not allowed. Most dance shoes or slippers are great.
  6. This is a Clean & Sober event.  No alcohol or drugs of any kind, inside or outside of the body.  This would cause you to be asked to leave.
  7. Do not bring cameras.
Dance Elemental was born in 2007, making its debut at a lovely community center called Bodysong (in Elements Hall) in Seattle, WA. When its founders Dakini Uma Amitabha and Tymn Urban relocated to California in 2009 they brought the dance with them, and have been offering the experience around the South Bay area ever since. It is our shared vision that this dance will continue to serve the community for many more years to come. Let’s continue to grow and explore together, in love and trust. Visit our Facebook DE community group for members that would like to stay in closer contact with each other and with the organizing body. Share your ideas, feelings, dreams, favorite songs, constructive event critiques etc…
Contact Us:
Arrive to soft music.  Check in first and then quietly find a place for your things.  Consider removing your shoes.  Be welcomed with a cleansing/smudge (sage or gentle mist).  You are very welcome to enjoy a cup of tea if it is ready.  Relax, breathe and stretch as others arrive. Opening Circle: We will be called together for a welcoming circle, speaking of our names, brief orientation, and grounding meditation. Then the dancing starts.
There are several “stations” in our shared space to help you with being present during the dance. * Not to be confused with the religious variety.

  1. Tea Room: Need a refresher? We have a lovely table with healthy snacks to help re-energize and ‘ground’ you. A great place to chat as well.
  2. Chill out zone: Need to be still for awhile? This is a cozy space set for meditation/stillness.
  3. Healing:  Feeling tapped? Reiki Practitioners and experienced Body/Energy Workers from within our community are often available to offer their care to re-energize and align the participants.
  4. Community Altar: This is a space for you to focus your energy and intention, or to draw inspiration from during the dance. Everyone is invited to bring something to place on or near the altar should they feel called.
  5. Drumming: There are an assortment of drums/shakers available for you to play. You may borrow available instruments, or bring your own. Please attend children.The goal is to support the dancers by adding to the energy of the music. Sensitivity and awareness is key to holding the energy in the room…  Please stay attuned to cues from the DJ and/or facilitators.
  6. Community networking area: This surface is set up near the entrance so that we can get to know one another better. Bring your business cards and brochures, event flyers, freebies, etc.  Please take a moment to look through the materials during the evening and collect anything of interest. Seek and ye shall find.
  • We begin with SPIRIT: (Divine self, Center, Wholeness, Inspiration, Love, and Peace) This is a time for stillness, perhaps even lying down. A time for gentle stretching, free-form yoga and other slow movement. Center yourself and be present, here now.
  • We move into AIR: Dawn / Spring, Breath, Your mind’s eye, Flights towards the new horizon, Clear seeing, Inspiration.
  • We move into FIRE: Midday / Summer, Passion, Heart’s desire, Creative spark, Purification & Transformation, Where action meets intention.
  • We move into WATER: Dusk / Autumn, The flow, Ripple effect, Tides of change, Deep emotion, Surrender, Waters of healing, Ocean of bliss.
  • We move into EARTH: Night / Winter, Hearth, Foundation, Heart Beat, Wisdom of the ages, Connection to humanity, tribe, family & our bodies.
  • We return to center: Find yourself at the hub of the wheel. Integration of the experience. Mind, body, and spirit harmony. Endings are but new beginnings. Be present, here now.
We end with a simple Heart Sharing, with a few words spoken by those who wish to speak about what they experienced, and any gratitudes, etc. There is also time allowed for community announcements just before we part. Remember you are free to bring flyers for your events and put them on the community networking table as well.


I have come to Dance Elemental events even when I wasn’t feeling emotionally up for going out. Once there I move through whatever I feel as the music elevates me. I feel held and supported in an open, accepting and loving environment. I can be who I authentically am. The music is blissful and engaging… Read more “Elevating…”

Aurieona Astara

Bring your whole, authentic self and be rewarded

There are some parts of your being, your soul, that sit waiting to be discovered. These aspects sit like small jewelry boxes in an attic awaiting the right moment where the light glints off and someone curiously opens it. The treasure is usually something that you never realized was there, and yet you deeply feel… Read more “Bring your whole, authentic self and be rewarded”

Scott Bradley

Revitalize your soul and self through Ecstatic Dance

Come with an open heart and prepare to share and release your self-expression thorough movement. No experience necessary. Dance to DJ lead mixes that inspire you to move. Tymn, Dakini, and other loving, dedicated volunteers help guide you through the evening to choose dance, drumming, sharing, meditation, and revitalization. Because there is no talking on… Read more “Revitalize your soul and self through Ecstatic Dance”

Kevin Greek

Loving This Dance

I look forward to Dance Elemental as a place to relax, celebrate and PLAY. After a week of being in my head, DE gives me a safe space to be in my body and in my heart. I love the community there, and I appreciate the guidance at the opening of the evening. I love… Read more “Loving This Dance”

Laura Bishop, Executive Director, The 418 Project


DE is my go to Dance! I love this community and I love the space. I have spent many dances with this community and I always leave smiling and so glad that I went! <3

Vincent Tamer


I have been involved in ecstatic dance for a little over two years now, since first moving to Santa Cruz CA from back east. As my journey and practice continues to grow with ecstatic dance, I have been blessed to connect with the Center for Creative Living expression of ecstatic dance. In my first visit… Read more “Fantastic”

Chuck Schuller

Highly recommended

Thank you for the wonderful experience provided. It was a memorable time that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Rachel Kim

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