Over 35 years ago, Gabrielle Roth pioneered what has now become the ecstatic dance culture as we know it. There are countless beautiful expressions of ecstatic / conscious dance within this interwoven and living tapestry. Some are closely affiliated with one another, while others are independently held. Each expression is beautiful unto itself, bringing unique gifts to those that participate in and create them.

Our ecstatic dance, Dance Elemental has been been evolving and growing since 2007 and we are but one dance in a wondrous sea of conscious / ecstatic dance expression. We love our dance family and welcome you to join us. We also honor and celebrate the diversity of ecstatic dance all around us. How fortunate we are to live in a time and a place where all of this is possible. How grateful we are to be surrounded by such a vibrant and joyful community.

Shout out to our dance family! (Just to name a few…)

Let’s hear it for 5Rhythms, Trance Dance, Dance Jam, Dance Odyssey, Cosmic Dance, Conscious Dance, Barefoot Boogie, Nexus, Soul Sanctuary, Sweat Your Prayers, Dance Church, Sacred Groove, Disco Ecstatico, Dance Tribe, Dancing Into Wholeness, Inner Rhythm, Dance Medicine, Somatic Expression, Body Tales, BodyInAction, Nurturedance, Contact Improv, Somatic Movement, Soul Motion, Intrinsic Movement, BodyWorks, Dance Weaver, FreeSpirit Dance, Biodanza, Nia, Barefoot Boogie, Core Connexion, Dance Jam, Continuum Movement, Dances of Universal Peace, DanceVision, Earthdance, Improvisational Dance, DansKinetics, Yoga Meets Dance, and Global Dance!

If your name was not called here, please know that you are honored by us as well! We love you for the community that you are sustaining and the powerful way that you show up in the world.

Let’s keep the music playing and keep this dance culture thriving!



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