This morning when the sun came in through my window, I found myself in a state of half-sleep. I stared at my pillow and let my mind wander. I started to think about all of the people I have known over the years. (This Social Networking stuff must be getting into my brain.)

Then I started to imagine all of these people from my past and present all around me (YOU people!). I wasn’t quite awake or asleep – and in this betweenness, I started to dream a bit. The sun was shining down through leafy trees that lined the sides of the warm street in this quaint little town setting. Some of you were standing on a corner across the street; others were sitting together at nearby cafĂ© tables. It seemed that everywhere I looked there was a familiar face, and somehow I could simply observe without interacting.

Other people that I have never met before began to appear in the scene. “Strangers” that were walking down the sidewalks, coming in and out of shops, passed me by. Then, something began to shift. The people that I saw as strangers began to take on a friendly familiarity. Though I had never met them before – they resonated on the same level as the friends and family that surrounded me. As this feeling began to sink in, all of the people around me began to glow. Different aura colors, like a fuzzy and warm pastel haze surrounded everyone.

Then there was another shift. Another layer of material reality lifted that allowed me to peek into a greater depth of awareness. I may not be able to fully understand it’s meaning, but I can tell you it was beautiful. I became aware of a radiant, luminous, consciousness that dwelled within each separate aura. A divine being and a beacon of love and wisdom permeated and infused itself with each of the flesh and blood bodies that were walking about.
And, though the eyes of the human forms were fixed on their conversations, destinations & obligations – there were another set of ‘all seeing’ eyes that could witness everything at once. Everything was connected in this awareness, and there was an immense joy in this place of knowing and seeing. At some point, it occurred to me that I too was a part of this network of light and understanding. My soul witnessed their souls. What an amazing gift.

My human part (emotions, thoughts, body, and mind in a state of deep awe) wanted to cry, laugh, scream, and to sing out – all at once. I could feel tears streaming down my face, as I witnessed this wondrous interconnected dance of intertwining souls. Each a beacon of truth as well as a vessel of divine oneness; each giving and receiving understanding and unconditional acceptance, in a dance of divine love. Then, the phone rang.
I felt a bit jolted, and was immediately called into a conversation that I can only describe as annoying. Ah, the irony, the starkness of reality. However, after the call I sat up for a bit after driving my daughter to school. I was drawn back to the memory of my dream and thought I should write it down.

I had to laugh at myself because I had gotten so annoyed by this person (I had never met) who called me so early in the morning and pulled me out of this incredible dream.

This string of questions came to me.

Who was this being of light? Who was this messenger of truth? How did it serve our greater purpose for us to have this human interaction? What energetic, spiritual, and universal principles drew us into connection on this plane? What communication was made between us on levels that our human minds did not even register?
I have no answer to these questions. But I am left with a feeling of greater trust in the unfolding of my life, and with a deeper respect for those that I come into contact with. Today, I will try to step outside of my quick judgments and classifying human mind as I meet and interact with others. If I could, but for a moment, witness even a tiny bit of the light and beauty that I beheld in this hazy dream; if even for just for a fleeting second could I witness the divinity in each person that I meet… what a different world I would see.

Posted by Tymn Urban on November 5, 2009 at 11:55pm



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