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Explore your innate spirituality.  DevaGnosis facilitates and promotes conscious community events and classes that inspire personal growth, meaningful communication, inner healing, physical well-being, prosperity, conscious exploration and epiphany!  READ MORE…


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Conscious Community Events

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Energy Walks in Nature
Neoteric Healing Arts Salon

Living Our Purpose

Our purpose is to empower individuals through conscious community connection, joyfully deep play, and the sacred work of discovering ourselves together.  We are here to help awaken, re-awaken, and manifest our innate spirituality. We facilitate and promote community events and classes that inspire personal growth, meaningful communication, inner healing, physical well-being, prosperity, conscious exploration and epiphany.

The word DevaGnosis describes “direct experiential knowledge of Spirit”.  It is a marriage of languages from both Eastern and Western ancient wisdom traditions.  Our highest intention is to be a central fire for tribe and community.  We offer our open hands, hearts and minds for the highest good of all. In this service, we too are served. In this healing we too are healed.  We invite you to gather around that we might see each other’s loving faces.  We are a rich and diverse spiritual community.  Let us celebrate together our many paths made one in the same Light.

We are here to help keep you aligned with the ever moving and all flowing spirit of trust, faith, and positivity.  We are expectant of the many miracles that are already on their way.  Here, we honor you, we empower you to believe in who you are at your very core, so you may dance with the rhythms and changing currents of life with a deep knowing of your purpose and direction.

At DevaGnosis, we believe that all of nature is sacred and divinity exists within each of us.  It is all around us and it flows through us. We are connected in a great and infinite web.  We also believe that the best way to truly understand spirituality is to live it, embody it, and experience it for ourselves. This is why so many of our community events involve spiritual embodiment practices (dancing, singing, chanting, drumming, walking in meditation, etc.). We believe that we are each capable of tapping into our innate wisdom, the collective unconscious, as well as our connection to Spirit (higher power). We believe that now is the time for all of us to collectively step into our highest potential. Let’s start integrating, personifying, and living it! Our events are designed to support each other at this higher vibration, to help us cultivate and stay attuned with ‘living our purpose’.

Our list of upcoming and ongoing events includes:  Dance Elemental – Ecstatic Dance;  Rhapsody: Drum, Chant, Dance; Sacred Voices (song & chant circle); Community Drum Circle; Energy Walk (meditative nature walks); Sacred Dance classes and workshops; and seasonal “Wheel of the Year” Celebrations. All events are hosted locally in the South Bay Area.  Learn More Here

We work cooperatively with other community groups that share in our vision of a peaceful and enlightened world. If you have a spirit-centered event you’d like help promoting or getting started, or supported in any other way, let us know how we might be of service. Together we can thrive. Founded in 2007, DevaGnosis has participated at some larger events such as FolkLife in Seattle, WA and PantheaCon in San Jose, CA.  We have also worked with various community centers, ‘new age’ shops, dance studios and focus groups, always bringing our very best energy and wisdom to the table. Some of our collaborative partners include:

  • Center for Creative Living – San Jose, CA
  • Los Gatos Acupuncture & Qigong Center – Los Gatos, CA
  • Halanda Studio – Willow Glen, CA
  • Community of Infinite Spirit – Willow Glen, CA
  • Open to Light – San Jose, CA
  • Trinity Yoga & Wellness – Campbell, CA
  • Inner Journey – Los Gatos, CA
  • Bodysong Healing & Arts Center – Seattle, WA

components of circle

Council Process (Peer Spirit): One of the core leadership principals that we base our decision making upon is called “Peer-Spirit Circle” method. The circle, or council, is an ancient form of meeting that has gathered people into respectful conversation for thousands of years. The circle has served as the foundation for many cultures. While we are not a strictly a consensus based group, we honor all voices and rely on the wisdom of community and spirit to guide our work. Our circles are great teachers and places to rest on our journey together. Learn more here…

Ecstatic Dance Everywhere!

Over 35 years ago, Gabrielle Roth pioneered what has now become the ecstatic dance culture as we know it. There are countless beautiful expressions of ecstatic / conscious dance within this interwoven and living tapestry. Some are closely affiliated with one another,...

Forgive and Remember… to Love

When the trust is worn away and the relationship is broken beyond repair there can be a dark empty silence, a great chasm. What we choose to fill that silence with is largely up to us. The anger, blame, hate, fear and self judgment all echo very loudly in this place....

One Light

We re-find ourselves on our evolutionary path Traveling souls on the journey together Sharing our Power, Wisdom, and Love With all our sisters and brothers You find yourself here in this moment And discover that "You" are the Light I embrace you from the threefold...

Creating Sacred Space. What is the point?

What is all this fuss about sacred space? Why create a container at all? If we already believe that we are sacred creations, isn't this extraneous? If we are children of the Goddess / Creator, why should we need to bother with such things? Well, the short answer is,...

Releasing FEAR

Often my own FEAR is linked to some kind of guilt, shame, or blame. If I can see where the energy is going and find the associated guilt, shame, or blame, then I can work on forgiving myself or others and release the core feelings that create my fear. I have been...

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

This past weekend, I had the good fortune of meeting an Ethiopian family who own a restaurant in San Jose. They are the sweetest people I have met in a long, long time. That is saying a lot considering how many wonderful people we have met since moving back to...

Challenge of Expressing the Divine

"All universal truths are available to us. All universal knowledge. Everything that is, is there for us to know. Nothing is withheld. Our soul has a capacity to enfold and know all. This is part of the dynamic of the soul. But when we choose to experience life on...

Dreaming Divinity

This morning when the sun came in through my window, I found myself in a state of half-sleep. I stared at my pillow and let my mind wander. I started to think about all of the people I have known over the years. (This Social Networking stuff must be getting into my...

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